Birthday party ideas for 6-8 year olds

This is a great age for throwing a birthday party, as kids can play without too much supervision and love the idea of entertaining their friends. Party Central The challenge for parents is not to allow parties to become so big that they are unmanageable to hold at home. This can be a great age to go all out and have the party at the local fun centre, bowling alley or even a community hall that’s big enough to host boisterous kids. The big question for kids this age is whether they will want guests only of the same sex as them, or whether they want boys and girls. You will find that if you host both sexes, they do tend to segregate into groups and keeping it to one sex can keep the numbers down and make things more manageable for the host. Don’t forget to keep the party to just two or three hours – mainly for your own sanity! Kids of this age are now used to the structures and rules of school, so make sure you set up the rules when they arrive and make sure they understand what they can and can’t do. Oh, and many kids of this age become very fussy eaters, so don’t spend hours preparing gourmet party snacks if you don’t want to feel disappointed that the kids chose to eat only the party pies and fairy bread. Tried and true party games work well for this age group, especially pass the parcel and blind man’s bluff. It helps to have lots of little prizes to keep the kids happy and engaged throughout proceedings. Kids this age love a goody bag to take home. If you don’t want to overload them with lollies, try to incorporate the goody bag theme into the overall party concept. Party themes for 6-8 year olds Disco party: Older kids will especially enjoy this if it’s hosted in the early evening rather than the afternoon. Make sure you have plenty of space for dancing! Bush party: Head to your local park where everyone can run their legs off and work up an appetite for a simple sausage sizzle. United Nations party: Ask guests to come dressed in the national costume of someone from their extended family or favourite country and then decorate the house with flags and serve multicultural party food. Sports party: Guests can dress in their favourite sports gear or as a sporting hero. You could set up a croquet or mini golf game in the garden and use cardboard boxes to make obstacles. Science party: Offer some fun science experiments and adventure games for the guests, and watch your little Einstein have a ball entertaining their friends while learning at the same time. Rainbow party: If bright colours are your child’s thing, then go with this theme and make sure every child can take home their own little pot of gold coins at the end of their rainbow party. Dragon party: Embrace their favourite old storybooks and tales of knights, damsels and dragons and get the party guests involved in a little role playing after they arrive dressed up in all their chainmail, swords and long gowns.