The ultimate birthday party planner


Here’s a party plan that will mean you not only survive your child’s next birthday party at home, but ENJOY it too!


Oh, and there’s a checklist too so you can feel in control every step of the way!

Two weeks prior to the birthday party

Plan who’s coming. If you have loads of friends and family with kids, you may want to alternate the years you have a ‘family party’ and a ‘friend party’. Keep friend parties sane by inviting one school friend for every year of age – i.e. 6 kids for a 6th birthday party. Decide on a time – A morning party also means you can have it all cleaned up by 2pm at the latest. Afternoon parties are good for older kids with more stamina. If you have a theme, decide on it – but make it realistic.

10 days prior to the birthday party

Send invites – whether you e-invite guests via email or or send out handwritten invitations, it’s time to get them out.

One week prior to the birthday party

Arrange the party games – delegate this to an eager dad/aunty/friend – it’ll make the day so much easier for you! Organise your menu and make a shopping list. Bake or order your cake.

4 days prior to the birthday party

Do all your shopping. Food, drink, party games and decorations AND, let’s not forget the birthday present! Chase RSVP’s  for those who haven’t RSVP’d Make your lolly bags or thank-you bags. Arrange music – for party games or just atmosphere.

Day of birthday party

Decorate. Balloons are always a hit. Make and serve food and drinks  – if serving cocktail franks, have them in a saucepan with cold water and just leave them there until the party starts – turn the stove on and heat for 15 mins

Home party must-haves:

A cold drink urn – like an esky or Tupperware one –  with a tap is fabulous way to serve drinks for kids – fill it with diluted juice and have the plastic cups at the ready. A balloon pump – these cost less than $5 from the supermarket or party shop. Save your lungs and saves time. A good party CD for kids