10 Classic Kids Party Games!

10 games Kids love celebrating their birthday. This is one day (perhaps, apart from Christmas) that most children look forward to because it’s their special day and they get (almost) anything they want. Kids’ birthdays are made even more special when they get to celebrate with friends and loved ones. Every child wants to have a birthday party! Once you decide to give a birthday party for your child, you might like to choose a theme first. If, for example, your daughter loves Barbie dolls, then, you can have a Barbie-themed party. If your son loves Star Wars, you can have a Star Wars-themed celebration. Even something as simple as your child’s favourite colour – ask guests to dress up in red, or blue etc – it makes them very easy to find too! Just make sure to involve your child in making the decision about the theme and always remember to be practical when you prepare for your child’s party. If you’d like some more ideas on themes, check out our article on kids party ideas. There is no need to spend a fortune on your child’s special celebration. When you have your final decision on the theme, you can design invitations, make decorations, create your child’s costume or even prepare food based on the party theme. Finally, your child’s birthday arrives. The venue is decorated according to the chosen party theme. The birthday celebrant is dressed in his/her costume. The food was prepared based on the party theme (e.g. pink food and drinks for a pink party theme). Loot bags have been prepared as thank you tokens to party guests. So, you’re done. Right? Not really. When you give parties, it is a lot easier to please adult guests. Kids are a different matter. Once they get to the party venue, they won’t just sit and talk to each other. Kids get bored easily. Kids want action. They want to play. Have you got some kids party games picked out? Here’s our top 10 list that are guaranteed winners for younger children’s parties Kids Party Games #1 – Musical Chairs This traditional game has always been a big hit with kids. You need at least 6 players to participate and some chairs (there must be one chair less than the total number of players). The chairs need to be set up in two rows back to back. The players walk around the chairs when the music is turned on. Once the music stops, all players race to sit in the chairs. The kid left without a chair is out. One chair is taken out of the rows and this goes on until one person remains and he/she is the winner of the game. Kids Party Games #2 – Pass the Parcel Pass the Parcel is another traditional game that can be played by kids of all ages. First, you make the parcel. Prepare or purchase a party prize and wrap it in wrapping paper. Proceed to re-wrap the parcel using different coloured wrapping paper for each layer. Make sure that you seal each layer easily so that the children can remove the paper without tearing the other layers beneath. To make the game more exciting, most people add a small prize to each layer. By doing this, every child receives a prize. Make sure that you wrap as many layers as there are children in the party. It would be best to add a few spares just in case more children turn up at the celebration. Have the children sit in a circle and when the music starts, the birthday child gives the package to one of the other kids and it will be passed around in the circle. When the music stops the child holding the parcel will unwrap the first layer of wrapping paper and get a small prize. When the music resumes, the parcel gets passed around again. This goes on until the last layer is unwrapped and the child holding the parcel will keep the party prize Kids Party Games #3 – Simon Says This game is very simple and can be a lot of fun. An adult (mom or dad) will be “Simon” and will give commands such as, “Simon says, sit down,” and everybody sits down. But the players will only perform the action when they hear, “Simon says.” Otherwise, they’re out. The player left at the end of the game is the winner. Kids Party Games #4 – Statues There is no limit to the number of players in this game. Have the kids spread out in the room. Start the music and let them dance and be as silly as they want to be. Stop the music and all players need to freeze in whatever position that they are in. When somebody moves, he/she is out. Repeat until only one person is left. He/she wins. Kids Party Games #5 – Potato Sack Relay This game should be played outdoors. You can have two or three teams. Each team has a potato sack. At a short distance away, put chairs or markers or even other kids in front of the teams. The first players get into their potato sacks and hop to and around the markers (or kids) and go back to their team. They get out of the sack as fast as they can and the next set of players does the same thing. The first team to finish wins Kids Party Games #6 – Treasure Hunt This can be played indoors or outdoors. It’s a very simple game. Just hide lollies or toys around the house or yard. Tell the children to start and the game is over when the last lolly or toy is found. Kids Party Games #7 – Bursting Balloons Inflate big balloons and place a lolly or any other goodies before tying a knot. Spread the balloons around the room. You can place them on the floor or you can hang them. Tell the kids when they can grab balloons, sit on them and get the goodies inside Kids Party Games #8 – Egg and Spoon Race All players will be positioned at the start line with one teaspoon and a hardboiled egg (or a golf ball). They will be instructed to place the egg on their teaspoon and they need to put the other arm behind their back. They will move as fast as they can towards the finish line without the egg rolling out of their teaspoons. If the egg rolls out, the player is out. The player who crosses the finish line with the egg still balanced in their spoon and an arm behind their back wins the game. – Kids Party Games #9 – Bob the Builder You need a lot of empty cans to play this game (or use an alternative!). Players are given 1 minute to build the highest tower using these cans. If a player’s tower falls, he/she can rebuild as long as there is still time. The player with the most number of cans in his/her tower wins the game. Kids Party Games #10 – Hot Potato Instruct the players to sit in a circle. Using a stuffed sock or a beanbag, everyone should pretend that it is a hot potato. Start the music. Everyone should pass the hot potato around as the music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the hot potato is out. This goes on until only one person is left. He/she is the winner. The worst thing that can probably happen at your child’s birthday party is to have bored guests. These party games are simple yet guaranteed to add loads of fun to your child’s party. You don’t have to spend tons of money to make your child’s birthday celebration a success. Sometimes you just need to be creative.