Park Party Checklist

For all you Party Hosts Planning a Park Party this Summer, here are some items you may need to add to your list of things to bring with you. Be prepared for any circumstance. Better safe than sorry. Don’t Forget to bring these essential items to the Park, they may be useful at your party:
  • Heavy duty clear tape– to hang decorations, streamers, and signs.
  • Scissors– Seems like you always need them when you don’t have them.
  • Broom and dustpan– You never know what you will have to clean up, or shoo away.
  • Ant spray– Ant hills are never nice near where kids play.
  • Sun block– Better safe than sorry, Didja know it only takes 15 minutes for the harmful SUV rays to penetrate your skin.
  • Mosquito repellant– Mosquito’s suck!….literally. Be prepared with repellant if your party is near a lake, tall grass, forestry areas.
  • Band aids– Be prepared for Boo- Boos, just in case. Fun colorful Themed bandages always seems to make it feel better.
  • Garbage bin and/or recycle bins– If you plan to have cans or bottles water at your party, be sure to encourage recycling. Do your part, especially at the park!
  • Bottled water– Great cost efficient refreshing beverage.
  • Rope & piñata stick– A piñata is no fun if it just sits there.
  • Extension cord– Handy, if there are power outlets nearby.
  • Radio & kids music– MP3 Players and portable speakers are always easy to transport. Make a Party Music Playlist and let the tunes play.
  • Fan– If it’s hot then try to make your guests cool off near a fan.