9 CLASSIC PARTY GAMES   You have the kids, you have the time, now you just need the games! How do you keep all those kids occupied for the duration of your party? Easy! We have 10 of the best classic party games that will have kids running, jumping, hopping and laughing right up the to end!   Complete with step-by-step instructions, these games are simple to follow, interactive and tested over time to ensure everyone at your party has a great experience.   There are even a few printable pages that you can share with the kids. Why not print one for each guest and pop it in the loot bags for a memory of the games you shared? Sack race Sack race The sack race is a classic party game that has been around forever. The fact that kids are learning amazing development skills will be disguised in the fun and sometimes hilarity of the game. Covering a broad range of ages and stages, this cool party game will be a huge success! Fox and geese Fox and geese Fox and geese is a game that can be played pretty much anywhere with a large open area. Just put some spray paint on the grass and your game is ready to play! Get a bunch of kids together to play this great party game. Scarecrow tiggy Scarecrow tiggy What’s a kids’ party without a game of tiggy? Scarecrow tiggy offers a fun spin on the classic game, where the scarecrow must freeze in position when tagged. To be free, someone must crawl through their legs. This is a great party game that adults can play, too! Elastics Elastics Remember playing elastics when you were a kid? With just a long piece of elastic and a couple of pairs of willing ankles, elastics was the ultimate game of fun. Even better were the great jingles you sang as you jumped! Such a great retro party game to keep the kids entertained. Pin the tail on the donkey Pin the tail on the donkey Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic party game for kids. This game can be played at any kind of themed birthday party and will have the kids dizzy with excitement once they spin about three times and get that tail on the … nose! Poison ball Poison ball Discover the natural born leaders at the party with this simple game that everyone can play. With actions to suit every age group, this classic party game is sure to please. Egg and spoon race Egg and spoon race Get into the racing spirit with this fabulously fun party game. Your kids will love the classic egg and spoon race as they learn to balance and co-ordinate their egg to win! Three legged race Three legged race The skills involved are many but the fun outweighs it all! Imagine the teamwork needed to get this one right. Kids will love being tied together with a friend while they enjoy the challenge of trying to walk and run together. Make sure there’s a soft landing! Jump rope Jump rope Those of us who grew up with a skipping rope in hand and a ready jingle to jump to are very familiar with the fun that can be had with just a line of rope and a few kids. Simple and fun, these skipping party games will keep the kids well and truly entertained!