Australia Day Games for kids

Are you looking for some Australia Day games ideas?  We’ve put together a list of our favourite Australia Day games to play with your kids…..but really when it comes down to it you can Aussie up any of your kids favourites.


1. Thong Toss

Mark out an area either on the grass or on the sand at the beach. Set some rules, like no over arm. Kids may find using a children’s size thong easier to throw. Laugh out loud game this one!

2. Beach/Backyard Cricket

Set up your stumps and cricket pitch. A bin or chair will do if you don’t have the real thing. Over the fence or in the water is out….kids get three outs.

3. Water bombs

Works in any kind of weather. Kids love chasing after you and especially love when you get saturated! Aussie Day is all about having fun in the sun with water, embrace it!

4. Fancy Dress

How Aussie can you dress? If you are hosting an Australia Day party, have some spare costume essentials…like….Aussie tattoos, zinc and Aussie print thongs.

5. Eating Competitions

Try eating apples suspended on strings, meat pies, cream donuts or vegemite toast without the use of your hands.  See who can gobble down their favourite Aussie food first.