Birthday party ideas for 3-5 year olds

Parties tend to be lots of fun, now that your child can walk, talk and understand the fun of a birthday; it really is a pleasure to watch them. The world of fantasy has opened up for kids of this age, so parties can be as imaginative as you wish.


Most children have limits to their patience and understanding of complex party games, so keep the party structured towards creative activities that allow them to decide when they want to move on to the next thing. Party theme ideas for 3- 5 year olds Set up craft stations: Kids can paint, colour in at one table and then move on to the next table, where you might set up some messy play like shaving foam play or a play dough table. Music is their thing: Encourage them to dance and sing as they go about their party business. Party theme ideas for 3- 5 year olds Some party themes you might want to think about for your children include: Masked mayhem: The concept of masquerade is quite fun for little kids, especially if they get the chance to make their own mask (which will occupy those busy fingers for a good deal of the allocated party time). Try printing these animal mask templates and let them loose with glue, sequins, glitter and textas. Storybook themes: Build your birthday party idea around your child’s favourite book characters or story. It could be as traditional as Snow White and Robin Hood or as modern as Where The Wild Things Are. Alphabet ABC party: As the kids will be getting to know their letters, this could be fun. Whether it’s A for apple or Z for Zebra, most kids will recognise letters and particularly the initial of their own name. You could make a letter for each guest and then bring the party to an end with a birthday cake created in the shape of the first letter of your child’s name.