8 HOT IDEAS FOR WINTER OUTDOOR Throwing an outdoor party has its advantages – your house can stay relatively cleaner, the atmosphere is relaxed and you’re able to invite more guests to join in the fun. Summer outdoor entertaining is a given, but what happens when the days get darker and the nights get colder? party central Wintertime doesn’t have to cramp your style when it comes to entertaining and outdoor living. Embrace the cooler season and take the party outside with a crackling fire and cosy scenery! Although there can be a few challenges holding a winter party, we’ve compiled some great ideas to make the most of the winter weather and fight the urge to hide away. Build a Fire or Fire Pit

There is something pretty spectacular about gathering around a sizzling hot fire on a cold winter’s night. Bonfires, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are the perfect way to keep your guests warm and provide a stroking focal point for the party.

Outdoor fires offer a real festive feel and are ideal for making your guests feel comfortable. If you’re not too keen on the idea on having an open fire, fire pits or fire pit tables can be a great addition to the party. It’ll also give you and your guests another spot to rest their drinks. Just be sure you have some marshmallows on hand for people to toast too!

Keep Guests Warm

The fire will do a great job of keeping guests warm but it’s a good idea to provide a few extras just in case. Have a bundle of blankets on hand for your friends to wrap themselves in or some gloves and hats for those that just need some extra layers.

Serve Food Hot and Drinks Cold

The right food and drinks is crucial for an outdoor party, and if it’s cold hot food is definitely ideal. Having a barbeque tends to be the easier option for outdoor parties, but if you want to try something a little different offer your guests some winter warmers and toasty snacks.

Finger foods like hamburger sliders are great to hand around the party, or mini hotdogs and pizza. Use a pizza stone to keep slices warm or keep appetisers warm over a small outdoor burner. Offer your guests winter drinks that’ll set the mood, mulled wine or liqueurs can really warm you up. If you are serving cold drinks like beers and soft drinks, set up a few ice buckets to keep the drinks super chilled.

An alfresco timber decking surface will provide the perfect area for outdoor living and entertaining – all year round. It’ll be ideal to have the area covered to ensure your guests and furniture doesn’t get wet, and will give you a strong space to set up some cosy couches or cushions to relax on. Outdoor decking is one of the best investments for your home – especially if you love outdoor living and entertaining.

Choose the Right Music

Selecting the right music for an outdoor party is an art. You want a little bit of everything as choosing the tunes only you like may not appeal to everyone – try and keep everyone’s interests at heart. Music can make or break an outdoor party so make sure you have a good selection for people to pick from and mingle too. Consider using a music streaming system where guests can add some songs onto, or create a party list with some classics that’ll get people dancing.

Let Your Guests Know it’s an Outdoor Party

You want your guests to feel as prepared and comfortable for the night as possible so let everyone know you’ll be celebrating outside. This will give your friends a chance to wear suitable attire and bring a few layers to keep warm. If you don’t have enough blankets at home, you can ask your guests to bring something extra too so no one is left cold.

Light It Up

Adequate lighting is essential for an outdoor party. Not only does it set the mood and create a cosy ambience, but it’s also an important safety consideration too. If you’re guests haven’t been to your place before, be sure that the front of you home is lit appropriately and light a path to your outdoor living space to encourage guests not to walk through your house.

Outdoor tables and the eating area should be well-lit so your guests can eat comfortably. If you don’t have enough power points or outdoor lighting, you can use glass holders or mason jars with candles. Don’t forget the fire will also provide some outdoor light too. You’ll want to find a balance with the illumination so it’s not too bright and awkward for guests, but people can see their way around comfortably too. The right lighting will also complement the décor and provide a nice, warm glow for your guests.

Create a Space to Dance

Although dancing may not be everyone’s thing, you want to provide a space where people can get their boogie on too when the night goes on. If you have a small outdoor area, this can be a little tricky but planning in advance can eliminate any problems on the night.

Find a space that you can separate the table and chairs from and again, the right lighting will be important. Setting up the dance area near the music can be ideal, and encourage your guests to get up and have a dance when the right tune comes on.