Pyjama birthday party theme

Whether you make it a slumber party, a pyjama party is always a fun party theme! Add some polka dots and it’s even prettier. party Polka dot pyjama party theme invitations
  • Hand delivered mail is quite uncommon, but if the invitees are neighbourhood friends, this is a fun way to invite them –a balloon filled with confetti and a rolled-up invitation inside. They’ll have to pop the balloon to read the invite – but that’s the fun part!
Polka dot pyjama party theme costume ideas
  • Pyjamas are the things to wear, of course! Even better if they’re of the spotted variety! If you wanted to go all out, grab a plain set of PJs and paint polka dots freehand on it.
Polka dot pyjama party theme decorations
  • Cut out a bunch of circles with a circle punch and various coloured card and stick to the walls randomly with masking tape. Or sew together and create a coloured garland. You could also create a garland from felt balls.
  • Big round balloons (Lovely Little Parties has some great huge round balloons) filled with helium and tied to a table or chair.
  • Coloured paper lanterns or tissue-paper pom poms.
  • Using a range of different fabrics or sheets, create cool sleep zone tents by draping fabric around the room from curtain rods or ceiling fans and weighing it down on the ground with something for the kids to sleep on to create tents.
Polka dot pyjama party activities and birthday party games
  • Play musical beds (yes, just like musical chairs but with sleeping bags instead of chairs).
  • Marshmallow stuffing: Pass around a big bowl of marshmallows. As each child receives the bowl they have to put one marshmallow in their mouth and say “polka-dot pyjama party”. The bowl keeps being passed around and the aim is to get as many marshmallows in your mouth as you can and still say “polkadot pyjama party clearly (and without the marshmallows leaving your mouth!). It’s sticky and messy, but fun (and yummy).
  • Pillow fights – this is almost guaranteed to happen anyway, so you might as well encourage it under supervision!
Polka dot pyjama party take-home party bag ideas
  • Simple sleep masks: cut a piece of polkadot fabric and some coloured bemsilk lining into a sleeping mask shape and stitch together. Slightly fray the edges for a deliberate look and stitch a thin piece of ribbon on either side of the mask for kids to tie on.
  • If it’s a sleepover party, give the kids some mini boxes of cereal to take home as their own treat.