CHILDREN’S PARTIES – IDEAS party For the Mums thinking about entertainment for their children’s Birthday party we give you some tips that may give you a few ideas. A party is a great opportunity for children to experience and learn basic social skills in a fun atmosphere. The simple niceties of ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’, ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’ are all part of that party learning experience – even if they’re not always done to adult cue! So, too, are the pleasures of joining in, sharing and enjoying the company of others, and the harder feelings of being left out, feeling hurt, or coming last. Children’s birthday parties don’t need to be big events with fantastic decorations, gourmet homemade food, glamorous cakes, exotic games, paid entertainers and expensive treat bags that would make Santa blush. (Frankly, there’s a very good chance the children may not notice the trouble or the expense.) A children’s party simply needs to be lots and lots of fun. And, to achieve that, the magician has to do only six simple things. Make sure the occasion is appropriate for the child’s age and individual needs. Be organised, with a magical bag of tricks that makes the party a happy, hassle-free occasion. Be creative when presenting old favourites, whether it’s food, games or a party theme. Get the children involved in the whole wonderful party process, from brain- storming to the clean-up. Be a child again yourself. Remember how much fun it was! Keep your sense of humour. So me- thing always goes wrong! So when the witch cake sinks in the middle, it starts to rain, or your child gets sick and the games end in floods of tears, console yourself with the thought that you did your best and there’s always next year. It’s their party and they will cry if they want to!