10 easy kids’ party food ideas

party Plan ahead some simple party food for a stress free party Here are 10 great and simple ideas for party food – some to prepare the day of the party, others to prepare ahead of time. Keep in mind any allergy requirements, this may mean you will need to use an alternative to cows milk in cooking, or spreading sandwiches with a dairy alternative, using an egg-replacement, or a gluten-free flour in baking. Sandwiches Make the morning of the party. Keep the fillings simple and kid-friendly with a selection of the following: Vegemite, Cheese, Ham and cheese, Avocado, chicken, lettuce and mayo,jam & honey Go for fun shapes with biscuit cutters or use different types of bread, such as wraps Sausage rolls These can be store-bought or made ahead and frozen. Sausage Rolls &Pork, apple and fennel Sausage Rolls Fairy bread Make the morning of the party. Try cutting with biscuit cutters or just go with the classic triangles. Crackers, vegetable sticks, and dips Dips can be bought or made ahead and vegetable sticks cut the morning of the party. Chocolate Crackles and Honey Joys A favourite at parties and school fetes – make a day ahead and store in the fridge in an air-tight container Cupcakes Make a day ahead and store in an air-tight container. An activity at the party could be to decorate the cupcakes. Set up a cake decorating station with a few bowls of different coloured butter icing, sprinkles, and other suitable toppings. Chocolate Milo cupcakes, Lemony cupcakes & Strawberry swirl cupcakes Jelly cups Make a day or two ahead of the party. Yo can make the classic party favourite – frogs in a pond, and below is an example of a science-themed party with petri dishes of jelly.Frogs in a lily pond Popcorn  Can be made a day before and stored in an air-tight container once cool. Plain or flavoured – its quick and simple and is always a hit. Party pizzas   Individual pizzas can be prepared and ready on a baking tray, or you can have this as part of the party activities and have the kids top their own pizzas. Bases can be English Muffins, pita bread, wraps, store-bought pizza base or home made pizza dough – cut with a large cookie cutter and top with things such as ham, pineapple, capsicum, olives, roasted eggplant, and cheese Cheese straws Puff pastry and cheese is a magical combination. Get creative with the name and shapes you make them into and they can suit any party theme – from sailors knots for a pirate party, magic wands for a fairy party, and even dinosaur fossil bones for a dinosaur party.