How to have a happy Halloween

Halloween used to be considered an American tradition, but Australians are embracing the idea of dressing up in spooky costumes and trick-or-treating on October 31.


Technically a day to celebrate the dead, Halloween has mostly been known as a northern-hemisphere celebration, but many Aussie neighbourhoods have now come to expect roving groups of trick-or-treaters on Halloween night – most with desperately hopeful looks on their ghoulishly cute faces, and a half-embarrassed parent hovering just in view on the footpath.

Here are some fun ways you can celebrate Halloween, without breaking the bank or worrying about stranger danger, and you won’t bother the neighbours who aren’t interested in participating either!

How to make trick-or-treat a success in your neighbourhood

Avoid trick-or-treat disappointment by letting your neighbourhood in on the secret – that is, do a neighbourhood mailbox drop a week before Halloween. Remind each household that they may have some little trick-or-treaters coming by on the evening of October 31. Pop a Halloween-themed sticker in each envelope, for each neighbour to stick on their letterbox or front door to show they are willing to participate. This way, you know which homes are keen to welcome the kids on Halloween, and they also get a handy reminder to stock up their treats to hand out on the big day!

Fun Halloween crafts

You don’t have to spend money on treats or even leave the house to enjoy some Halloween fun. Just try these fun crafts and Halloween games for all ages and let the kids decorate their own bedrooms with their creations for Halloween.

Create your own easy egg carton spiders

Jack ‘o’ lantern name labels and bookmarks

Play ‘Boo Am I’ with your little monsters

The cutest ghosty finger puppets

Play the Monster Mash dancing game!

No-mess paper plate jack ‘o’ lanterns

Having a Halloween party? Make your own lolly labels

Make a hanging bat or cute ghosty mobile

Halloween food

Try these easy and YUMMY recipe ideas for your Halloween party or lunchbox treat. You may even like to take a batch in to your child’s classroom or give these as your treats when little ghosts, fairies and superheroes come knocking!

Freaky edible eyeballs

Halloween pumpkin cakes

Vampire lollipops

Red back spider biscuits

Funky watermelon fangs

Halloween eyeball cupcakes

Sneaky pumpkin muffins

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