Best birthday party venues for kids



There are some years when holding your child’s birthday party at home isn’t practical or even desirable – a dozen eight-year old boys generally need more space than the average backyard will allow to enable them to burn off all their birthday party excitement!

But not being able to have a whole birthday party extravaganza at home doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate your child’s birthday with friends and family. In fact, there are many different ways you can throw a birthday party away from home.

Hiring space

If you can’t hold a birthday party at home because of space issues, there will be many venues in your local area which are available to hire on an hourly basis – and most of these are surprisingly affordable. Ring around but generally, the best places to try are:

1.      Church halls

These spaces are often perfect because they usually have a kitchen and toilets attached, and plenty of space for kids to run around.

2.      Community halls

Much like church hall, these usually have the amenities you need, although community halls often house equipment for the community (!) so you may have slightly more limited space.

3.      Magician

Hiring a (good!) magician has always been a safe entertainment option for a mixed-sex party. Most party magicians do a show rather than games, so before you book, ensure that your party audience will be old enough to sit still long enough to enjoy the magic

4.      Fairy

Having a fairy party almost seems like a right-of-passage for little girls – so it’s important to get it right! While you can very successfully throw a fairy party without having a Head Fairy, hiring a professional fairy to take over party proceedings is money well spent for most mums who don’t relish getting out a pair of wings!

5.      Sports

Sports parties are a great option if you want to hold your birthday party in a park and you’re inviting kids who need to do a lot of running around! Party organisers will come with the equipment necessary to play structured games.