Winter Pet Care Tips

If your pet usually sleeps outside during summer months, remember winter is colder and wetter. Make them a comfy bed in a warm corner, especially if you live in a really cold area.
You might think that dressing up your dog is a silly idea but the truth is that winter coats can make a great deal of difference to the comfort of your pet. Consider pet winter coats or sweaters that are waterproof. You can even get them booties to regulate their body temperature. It may take a while for them to take to their new wardrobe, but they’ll be warm and toasty when it counts.
It’s likely that your pet is going to require more food during winter. As the body tries to warm itself, it needs more energy to do the job and your pet’s food intake may need to be increased. Try to feed them room temperature meals. Indoor pets sleep more and exercise less, so adjust their meals accordingly.
Fresh water is one of the most important pet winter safety tips to follow. When the temperature goes below freezing, your pets’ water bowls can ice over. Pets can get dehydrated easily, so always make sure that they have access to water. You have three options:
• Frequently change the water during the day.
• Use a water bowl de-icer.
• Buy heated water bowls.

Remember: Always choose devices with heavy-duty, chew-resistant cords.
Take shorter walks during winter. If you do take a walk outside, try to keep them on a leash. Indoor games like ‘fetch’ or ‘tug-of-war’ are other options when it’s raining. The main point is to keep your pets healthy in cold weather.
Lastly, a good belly rub or cuddle session never hurts. They love you unconditionally, so return the favour with enough love and care.
Keep them exercised, engaged and well-fed during winter. And with a nice warm spot to call their own for the bitter nights, they’ll make it through the colder months with ease!