Fall Safety Tips For Your Dogs and Cats pet The changing of the seasons can also mean a new set of considerations or dangers for your pets. To help keep your dog or cat in good health this autumn, review the following safety tips. Yard and Garden Safety Fall is the time of year when people tend to clean up their yards. Keep in mind that there are many potential hazards out there for your pets. Focus on dog safety and cat safety by following these tips: Store your lawn and garden products in a place that your pets cannot get into. Confine your pets in a safe area when you are using potentially toxic products. If your pet is exposed to anything that is potentially toxic, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. If a trip to the vet is required, be sure to bring the possibly toxic product container along for the vet to inspect. Pick up fruit, fruit pits, berries, seeds, leaves, and stems that have fallen to the ground, as all can be harmful to pets. Compost toxins are a real risk to pets that like to poke around the bin. Keep your compost and yard waste in closed containers. Plants that have lost their leaves in autumn and are bare can pose a hazard to pets’ eyes as they run or play in the yard. Secure the plants with a small barrier to help prevent your dog or cat from cutting or poking himself.