4 Tips to Prep your Pets for Spring


Is your furry friend looking a little worse for wear coming into the new season? Maybe their coat has lost some of its sheen or their nails are well in need of a trim?

Now is the perfect time to get your pet primped and ready for spring, clearing away all the dirt, fleas and worms from winter for a fresh start.

Just as we use spring to get our cleaning duties done and tighten up on healthy eating and fitness habits, it’s also a good idea to get all your important pet duties out of the way.

Here are four tips to help you get your pet ready for the brighter season ahead.

Vet visit

It’s likely that your dog or cat may have been a little inactive during the winter months, choosing to relax in the comfort of a warm house.

Use the period just before spring to take your pet for its bi-annual vet visit, checking that all areas of health, including weight, oral hygiene and skin are okay.

Flea treatment

Coming with the impending heat of spring and summer are the nasty, blooksucking insects – fleas!

Get your pet ready for this nuisance by giving them a good dose of flea treatment. You can choose to administer this yourself by purchasing a flea control product at your local supermarket, or ask your vet to take care of it when you go for your visit.

Spring clean 

Wash away the grime and dirt from winter with a wonderful ‘spring clean’ groom. Get a sweet-smelling, anti-flea shampoo and wash down your pet. Make sure to cover the ears, tummy, tail and all those bits in between!

If you really want to give your pet a shiny start to spring, take them along to a professional pet groomer for star treatment that covers a wash, haircut, nail trimming and even tooth brushing. You might even want to ask your groomer for some top cleaning tips.

Take action on worms

Apart from fleas, the other problem you have to take care of is worms. Ensure your cat or dog has been dewormed for the season, as tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms can become a problem in the warmer months.

You can find deworming tablets at your pet store, or have your vet attend to your furry friend.