Top Tips for Keeping Pets Cool

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Summer time is always a welcome break from a long cold of winter.  The sun is shining and the beach beckons.  But we need to spare a thought for our pets and in extreme heat take extra precautions.

“Remember – your pet can’t change clothes or turn on the air conditioner so as their owner, we need to provide as cool conditions as we can”.

Tips include:

  • Don’t ever leave your dog locked in a parked car – even if you have left the window down a bit of airflow while you run the quickest of errands.  Even on mild days the car interior temperature can swiftly increase, so on hot days it can soar.
  • Provide lots of clean, cool water in a tip proof bowl, which needs to stay in the shade all day.
  • If you are gone for most of the day, think about freezing large containers of water, which you then pop into their water bowl before you leave.  It will take a while to defrost which is keeping your pet’s water cool for a bit longer.  This can be done for small animals in cages too, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, rats etc.
  • For small animals supplying a block of ice for them to sleep or lean against helps them to keep cool.
  • Beat the heat when exercising your dog.  Wait for the cool of the day, early morning or in the evening – and consider taking a collapsible water bowl with you.  Footpaths and sand can be very hot to a dog’s paws –paws may be tough but they are sensitive too.
  • Ensure your garden has adequate shade.  If your dog or cat is in an enclosure, or tethered, make sure it has shade throughout the day – remember shade moves!
  • Consider leaving your pets inside in the event of a heatwave.
  • A child’s sturdy plastic paddling pool can provide entertainment and cool conditions for dogs.  (Ensure it is not a drowning risk to the dog, cat or young children).
  • Hot weather is always a good time to bath the dog or cat.