How To Keep Your Dog Safe And Warm This Winter

pets You wouldn’t venture nearly naked into the frozen wastes of your neighbourhood during the dead of winter just to use the outhouse, so why do you expect your dog to? Here are the tips and tech you’ll need to keep your little buddy unfrozen until the thaw comes. Keep Them Fat and Hydrated Like people — and all warm-blooded animals really — dogs naturally burn more calories during the winter because their bodies need the extra energy to counter the colder environment. That means they’re going to appreciate a little extra portion of food during the cold months. Obviously you’re going to want to check with your vet as to how much you should give, especially if you pet is already on a specified diet. Additionally, the cold, dry weather combined with central heating can quickly dehydrate your dog, so be sure to keep his water bowl topped. And never use a metal feeding dish outdoors during cold weather. That frozen tongue scene from A Christmas Story is way less charming when it’s your dog that can’t unlick its food bowl and starts freaking out. Constipation is also a surprisingly common issue for dogs. If your dog is having difficulty relieving himself because he hasn’t been run enough, you can use pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix, just regular canned pumpkin) as a natural laxative for dogs. Use a teaspoon per day for terrier-sized dogs up to two tablespoons for large breeds.