Winter Tips for Pets 1. Fight the cold indoors If your pet usually sleeps outside during summer months, remember winter is colder and wetter. Outdoor pets need well-insulated shelter that is weather proof, such as the laundry or another protected area. Indoor pets will love it if their bed and a blanket are placed in the cosiest part of the house. 2. Food Just like us, your pets feel hungrier in winter as they burn more calories to stay warm. It takes more energy to stay warm in the cold, so try to also feed outside animals more calories (as much as a 30% increase) during winter to keep the body warm. Indoor pets sleep more and exercise less, so adjust their meals accordingly. Try to feed them room temperature meals.
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3. Fresh drinking water Fresh water is one of the most important pet winter safety tips to follow. When the temperature goes below freezing, your pets’ water bowls can ice over. Pets can get dehydrated easily, so always make sure that they have access to water. Remember to frequently change the water during the day. 4. Sunlight Getting enough warmth is just as important during the day for our pets. You could start by moving kennels into the sun, and cat beds into light drenched windows. 5. Good Grooming and Inspection – Check and clean their paws regularly. (Ice can get stuck between paws and cause painful sores.)– Brush them regularly.– Bathe them in lukewarm water, dry their coats well and ensure there is no dampness.– Trim their nails.

– Monthly flea treatments.

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6.  Continue to exercise Exercise is important at all times of the year, even in winter. So, get outdoors and take your pet for a walk, making sure to accessories short-haired breeds with a warm jacket. Indoor Games like ‘fetch’ or ‘tug-of-war’ are other options when it’s raining. The main point is to keep your pets healthy in cold weather.

Lastly, a good belly rub or cuddle session never hurts. They love you unconditionally, so return the favor with enough love and care. Hope these winter tips for pets help to keep your four-legged friends happy, safe and warm this winter.
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