“Are we there yet?”, “How much longer?”, “I’m hungry” , “I’m bored” – Sound familiar?
Yes, anyone who has ever travelled with kids has heard everyone of these whinges and complaints. Having dragged my own kids around the world a few times, (sometimes under sufferance, sometimes with compliance), as well as investigating what was close to all of the east coast of Australia, I developed a few canny tricks to make the task a lot less painful!
Here’s some of the secrets to travelling by plane.
1) Seat the kids in the row beside you with you sitting across the aisle. It gives them some independence and space.
2) Pack some snacks and water in plastic bottles.
3) Check in online so that when you arrive at airport you only need to drop bags off or go straight to the gate. (Less time in lines).
4) Load up some movies on the iPad and make sure the littlies have their own headphones. Only one iPad? Make sure you use earbuds that can be shared between two!
5) Load some kids’ tunes on your phone. The more familiar they are with them the more comfortable they  will feel on the trip – It may even put them to sleep!!
6) Pack some chewing gum (sugar free, of course) in case those little ears get blocked. Pinching the nose closed and pursing the lips and blowing the cheeks out works too.
Next month I’d tackle the dreaded car trip – Safe Travels !