Family Ski Holiday – Tips for an epic family ski holiday

Ever felt like you need a holiday after your family holiday? We’ve all been there… The good news: with a few simple strategies, we guarantee you’ll spend less time stressing on your next family ski trip and more time reconnecting, bonding, and having fun on and off the slopes.


Find the Right Resort

When choosing a destination, identify or speak with a ski specialist about which resorts will be the best match for your family’s ski abilities. Package it – Family ski holidays are ideal for a package: accommodation, lift passes, even ski lessons, bundled together saves money and hassle on the slopes.


Seek Out Used Gear

Don’t buy kids’ ski gear new. If you have a local ski shop, go in early fall to have kids sized correctly. While there, ask about used gear from last year. Often, ski shops have rental skis in kids’ sizing they’re looking to off-load, or have set aside gear to take to any local ski swaps. They’ll be happy to sell it to you, at a discount, first. If you don’t have a local ski shop or community ski swap, go online. Major ski resorts’ gear shops post demo ski sales.Be wary of spending too much money on new ski gear, especially if this is your first time as you may discover skiing isn’t for you. The one place not to skimp on costs is a properly fitted helmet, to protect your kids’ precious heads.

Invest in Ski School

Don’t waste time trying to teach your own child to ski – are you really that good? Or that patient? Plus kamikaze boys and girls can get into trouble FAST without some basic know-how.

Have a Backup Plan

Look for other things to do for kids who don’t want to ski, can’t handle the cold or are too young to participate. When selecting your resort, check out what they have to offer in the way of alternative activities like tobogganing, tubing, snowmobiling or outdoor playgrounds as not all resorts offer these.

Early Birds

Arrive at your destination the afternoon BEFORE you ski and get all the ski hire organised then. Queues are always larger in the morning.

Set a Meeting Point

When going skiing, make sure children know where to go if they ever get split up. Choose a spot that everyone in the family can find. Also, point out ski patrol and uniformed employees so your kiddo can ask for help if they find themselves alone.


Masking tape and a permanent marker make it easy to tag skis and poles for easier identification amongst the piles of others you’ll see at the resort.

More Layers than an Onion

Kids get cold on the snow, then they get hot in the café, lots of layers are the key.

Tie ‘EM up

Put small kids ski mittens on elastic through their jackets otherwise they CAN and WILL lose them. NEVER buy cheap ski socks. Warmth and comfort are key.


Be sure to drink lots and lots (and lots!) of water or electrolyte-infused beverages, especially if traveling to the slopes from low elevation. It’s easy to become dehydrated in the mountains, especially when you’re exerting a lot of energy skiing, boarding, and tubing. Staying hydrated will ward off altitude sickness and ensure a fun trip for all.

Make it fun

Go in for a hot chocolate before you think you need to. Chill seeps into the bones -it is hard to warm up once you’ve got too cold.From snowball fights to building snowmen there’s as much free family fun to be found off your skis as there is to be found on them.