The Dreaded Long Distance Car Trip Ahh the dreaded long-distance car trip, loathed universally by parents and child alike! Luckily for you, I’m an expert in surviving this minefield with hundreds of thousands of kilometers racked up with my two darling daughters happily (and occasionally not so happily) ensconsed in the back seat. I’ve chauffeured them through North America, Europe, Asia and virtually to every part of Australia. So much so, that we are affectionately known to our friends and families as “The Griswold’s” – I’ve even started answering to the name Clark W and have had berets brought for me!! Hint 1. Leave in the dark! Get up early with car already packed, put them in the car and get them to keep sleeping – This will buy you a couple of hours! Hint 2. Tell them where you will be stopping as soon as they get in the car. This allows them to watch for signs etc. and hopefully short circuits any extra stops due to calls of nature etc. Knowing their planned stopping points conditions their thinking. Hint 3. Let them take their own pillow and blankets. The familiarity induces sleep. Hint 4. If you only have two in the back, put something in between them. Identifies personal space! Hint 5. iPod, iPad, tablets with their own music on them are a good way to soothe the savage beast. Movies… mmmm – ONLY if car sickness is not an issue! The last thing you want is … Mum I’m going to be … SICK, which normally comes too late and means you washing your own hair out!! Hint 6. Play some games. Spot a certain type of car, a certain colour of car, find road signs beginning with every letter of the alphabet – This can go on for a while. Hint 7. My favourite fame – Who talks first loses! This will keep the competitive ones quite long enough to fall asleep (hopefully) Until next time – Look kids there’s a castle!