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Bunbury is WA’s biggest regional city combining a country town charm with the attractions of a major regional city. It is located along the coastline and is almost completely surrounded by water. Bunbury is often called the Dolphin capital of Western Australia with the bottlenose dolphins residing in the waters. Apart from the dolphins you have a range of other family friendly attractions to keep the kids occupied, with, a wildlife park, bowling and not to mention fantastic accommodations that cater for all things family.

Positioned at the south west end of WA along the shoreline and nearly entirely enclosed by water and with the Indian Ocean at its doorstep as well as inlets, waterways and canals you can just begin to picture the never-ending opportunities for activities to do around water. The city has frequently been called the dolphin capital of the state, as these pleasant, well-liked and exquisite creatures interact with visitors as much as they can. Close encounters with nature like these have never been simpler or more unforgettable than with Bunbury’s Bottlenose dolphins. They often explore Koombana Bay where tourists get an opportunity to associate with them on the beach. The majority of dolphins visit in the morning and are more constant throughout summer. The Bunbury Wildlife Park is a short drive from Bunbury’s CBD. Here you’ll find wallabies, kangaroos, wombats, ducks, swans, parrots, owls and many species of waterbirds and raptor birds. The kids will love the range of animals and the activities that they can experience when at the Park. The lookout situated at Marlston Hill gives you a great 360 degree view of the whole town and up and down the coastline. Take the camera and be ready for a good workout as there is 91 steps to get to the top! The Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre has regular world class children’s shows. It is no wonder that Bunbury continues to grow and keep favour as an ideal holiday destination for families looking for a great beachside trip, with enough things to do for everyone!
  • Bunbury Bowls

    Bunbury is the second largest city in Western Australia and is the centre for the South West region as an industrial, tourism and commercial base.

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  • Bunbury Wildlife Park

    Fabulous wildlife park with a range of animals to see but most of all pat - make a new furry friend!

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    Discovery Parks Koombana Bay - where long white beaches and sandy bay inlets stretch into the distance - this caravan park is the place to be.

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