41 Degrees South Salmon Farm

Nestled in the charming town of Deloraine Tasmania, 41 Degrees South Salmon Farm stands as a beacon of sustainable aquaculture practices in Australia. With a deep-rooted emphasis on family values, this business has not only thrived in the local community but has also set a stellar example in the realm of sustainable fish production.

Family-Owned Business

Ziggy and Angelika immigrated to Australia with their 2 children, Charlotte and Ben, and built their dream in Red Hills. Currently 3 generations of the family work and play on the farm with even the little grandkids helping out when they can.

About The Farm

41 Degrees South is a salmon farm, wetland and ginseng farm near Deloraine, Tasmania. The Farm is focusing on ecologically sustainable aquaculture. Located in native bushland, the farm grows salmon in natural conditions, without chemicals or antibiotics, using environmentally sustainable practices. The farm’s operations are powered by renewable energy sources, symbolising the family’s commitment to a sustainable future for generations to come.

The inland farm uses a wetland as a natural biofilter for the fish waste creating a rich habitat for native flora and fauna. The waters of the Western Creek feed down from the Montana Cascades into the salmon farm and back into the creek creating a flow through system for the water. Though mostly seen at dawn or dusk lots of wildlife call the farm their home including platypus, wallaby, echidna and a huge variety of birds.

Activities in the Farm

Self-Guided Tour

Enjoy a self guided tour around our salmon farm where you will learn how the fish are raised and the water re-circulated through the natural biofilter system created by using the wetland. Part of the tour experience is feeding the fish and see how they grow salmon inland.

Fish Feeding

Explore the natural and man-made wetland areas and take a walk along the banks of the Western Rivulet to see a diverse array of vegetation from woodland to wetland grasses, and encounter the resident wildlife.

Guided tours available for groups of 10 or more upon booking.

Georgie’s Cafe

This cafe serves a delicious menu of hot smoked salmon products along with local and seasonal produce. Relax on the deck with a freshly-prepared meal, glass of wine or hot coffee.

41 South Platter

Online Shop

Our products, including the salmon and ginseng, can be sent anywhere in Australia. Browse the 41 Degrees South range including whole baby salmon, smoked salts and ginseng products.

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How to Get There

41° South Tasmania is a unique tourist attraction located in the UNESCO approved Tasmanian World Heritage Area. Only a 45 minute drive from either Launceston or Devonport brings you to the farm and wetlands just outside of Deloraine. The Farm is open on Tuesdays to Sundays, from 10am to 4pm.


323 Montana Road, Red Hills TAS, Australia

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