The city of Palmerston is only 20 minutes from Darwin and less than one hour from Litchfield National Park, making it an ideal location for visiting all there is to see in the Top End.

It is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities that includes a busy, young community of over 34,000, with a strong focus on families and kids. For children, Palmerston offers many options for things to do. Palmerston has over 100 parks, complete with playgrounds and barbeques, which are offered at the popular meeting and picnicking spots, Marlow Lagoon and Sanctuary Lakes, as well as the chance to see birds, wildlife and explore the bike paths. There is a walking/bicycle path designed for you to stop off at all of Palmerston’s outdoor recreation spots. There are designated maps to help get around.

To escape the heat, kids will love a visit the Palmerston Water Park, which will keep kids entertained for hours with two wet play areas, a giant racer slide, barbeque and picnic facilities, a kiosk and a skate park. Friday night markets in the City Centre are held during the dry season embracing the Territories cultural diversity and celebrating everything fresh and locally grown, as well as showcasing homemade wares and bright arts and crafts. The market is a hit with kids with special family performances.

Palmerston is a family hub with so many options, from shopping centers, to outdoor activities and playgrounds, the kids are sure to be entertained and leave you alone for a little rest and relaxation under a tree with a book!

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