Crafty Kids

Coral Reef Aquarium Craft

Make this Coral Reef Aquarium craft with your children and learn all about the coral reefs…… More

DIY Stickers

It’s so simple to turn your favourite drawings and pictures into stickers. All you need is…… More

Easy Aussie Koala Masks

To make one of these at home we recommend using a heavy paper stock if you…… More

Fun Craft ideas for the holidays

Leading up to Christmas, here are a few easy Christmas crafts for kids to enjoy and…… More

Make a Folding Popsicle Stick Fan

Materials Needed: Popsicle Sticks Paper Fasteners Drill Paper Pen Scissors Watercolors Crayons Scotch tape and Blue…… More

Recycled Cork Boats

Little hands can keep busy while going green. Come sail the seven seas in your own…… More

Paper Plate Lamb

This sweet little lamb will make great bulletin board decorations or characters for the children to…… More

3D Goldfish Bowl

Make a craft foam gold fish and create a paper plate fish bowl home for it.…… More

DIY Fall Leaf Cards

Collect some leaves on your next nature walk to create these easy DIY fall leaf cards;…… More

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