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Competition Terms and Conditions
See Competition page for Terms and Conditions for each specific Competition.

Advertising Terms and Conditions
Advertising Terms and Conditions are also listed in the booking contract.

  1. A 20% advertising fee applies if bookings are cancelled after the artwork deadline.
  2. A 100% voucher fee applies if bookings cancelled after the artwork deadline.
  3. Advertising is placed in the LetsGoKids publication on a first come, first served basis. Failure to pay within set terms (7 Days) may mean that the availability of advertising space cannot be guaranteed.
  4. The Publisher will not cancel a booking unless it is received (in writing) at least thirty days before going to print. (Failure to comply may result in the Advertiser being billed.)
  5. The LetsGoKids publication will be published at the Publisher’s discretion at the beginning of Winter and Summer. The Publisher, printer, or graphic designer cannot be held responsible for any delays in the production schedule due to unforeseen circumstances and events caused by technical difficulties and Acts of God such as severe weather conditions, fire and power outages.
  6. The Advertiser must supply the Publisher with all design, text, graphics, photographs, names, logos, the selection and arrangement thereof, and/or software, (of the advertisement, copy or listing) not later than 14 days prior to the commencement of publication.
  7. If the Publisher does not receive the Copy etc from the Advertiser at least 14 days prior to publication, the Publisher may, at its sole discretion, produce copy for the advertiser and shall charge the advertiser at the Publisher’s current rate at that time.
  8. Charges may apply if changes are made after the production has commenced. If so, the rate will be charged according to the going rate at that time.
  9. Production of this project will proceed in stages and work completed in each stage, must be approved before production proceeds to the next stage.
  10. However, be aware that approval is presumed when work-in-progress is submitted for review and the advertiser/client does not request alterations or revisions by the specified date.
  11. The Advertiser acknowledges that the copy/advertisement/listing complies with all State and Federal laws and does not defame any person or infringe on their privacy. Any dispute arising from any matters between LetsGoKids and the advertiser will be dealt with in the court of law pertaining to the State in which the advertiser’s advertisement has been published/appears in.
  12. The Advertiser indemnifies the Publisher, its distributors and agents, against all liability arising out of the publication of the Advertisement/listing including design, text, graphics, photographs, names, logos, the selection and arrangement thereof, and/or software.
  13. The Publisher shall not be liable for the failure of the Advertisement or any part there of failing to appear.
  14. The Advertiser shall provide the Publisher with a street number and address in respect of any mail order advertisements.
  15. Acknowledgement and acceptance of all the disclaimers and notes on all the spec sheets (as per the date on the letsgokids website) that relate to my advertisement and/or listing in the LetsGoKids publication, form part of the Terms and Conditions of this contract.
  16. The Publisher will edit text supplied by the Advertiser if, the Publisher feels that the original text supplied does not fit into the available space or does not match the register and tone of the Publication. In this case, the Publisher will edit at its discretion and without the permission of the Advertiser.
  17. LetsGoKids assumes that all information provided by advertisers belongs to the advertisers and that they have copyright permission to use and supply such information including photos, images and all other materials supplied. Therefore, LetsGoKids will not be held liable for any copyright issues arising from such matters.
  18. In the case that advertisers supply information, and photos/images that LetsGoKids does not deem as appropriate for the publication, LetsGoKids has the right to refuse inclusion of such materials and will provide a total refund of any monies paid by the Advertisers.
  19. All information included in the LetsGoKids publication does not reflect the opinions of the publisher.
  20. Should the Directors of LetsGoKids not proceed with the publication of any particular edition of LetsGoKids due to circumstances beyond their control including but not limited to, the lack of advertisers required to make the publication viable, a full refund will be made within 21 days of notifying the advertisers of their decision.
  21. LetsGoKids will charge the advertiser an additional 10% interest for all accounts not paid within 21 days of the due date.
  22. Positioning of the listings within categories is at the discretion of the Publisher.
  23. Advertisement/listing costs do not include scanning of transparencies, purchase of images from photographic stock house libraries, taking of photos or hiring a photographer, designing advertisements or redrawing logos.

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