Huskisson is at the centre of the South Coast and is a beautiful town with a rich ship building heritage. Huskisson sits on the shores of the spectacular Jervis Bay Marine Park where the crystal blue waters are home to abundant marine life, including fur seals, little penguins, weedy sea dragon’s, sea eagles, garnets and over 1000 resident bottlenose dolphins!

The star attraction though is the humpback whale. Their acrobatic antics are an awe-inspiring thrill to watch. They make their passage up the east coast to mate in the warm tropical waters of Queensland, and Jervis Bay is a regular haunt of theirs on the journey to and from. A mini industry of whale watching tours has developed to site these great mammals, which can be reliably sited during June and July and again in the September to November season. Jervis Bay Wild and Dolphin Cruises offers dolphin and whale watching cruises all year round.

Jervis Bay is a mecca for water sports enthusiasts. You can take tours to go on an underwater adventure to the best diving and snorkelling spots in the marine park or paddle a kayak to get amongst the playful dolphins. Both Huskisson and Collingwood beaches are so good for children, easy to get too and with a very shallow slope. And the views!

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