Bruny Island

Bruny Island is a holiday destination for everyone.

It takes 15 min by vehicular ferry that leaves Kettering, to reach Roberts Point on North Bruny. The island is about 100 kms long. Bruny Island is made up of 2 islands (North & South) which is divided by a narrow strip called “The Neck”. You can see spectacular 360° panoramic views of the Bruny Island coastline from the boardwalk. There is also a penguin rookery located here.  At dusk, it is wonderful sight to see the little penguins glide from the see to return to their burrows.

Bruny Island Hotel is known to be Australia’s southern-most bar. South Bruny also has two general stores while there are none in the North of Bruny Island. South Bruny National Park with its cliffs , overlooks the long sandy beaches.  There are underwater kelp gardens and some wonderful bushwalks that showcase Bruny in here.

Bruny Island provides a peaceful fun family getaway, but not too far from Hobart. A perfect destination for travelling families.