Huon Valley

Tasmania’s Huon Valley is a tapestry woven with emerald forests, fertile farmlands, and a rich artistic spirit. Nestled south of Hobart, this valley is a haven for foodies, nature lovers, and those seeking a taste of authentic Tasmanian life.

If you’re captivated by the allure of ancient Huonville or the tranquillity of the neighbouring nature, the Huon Valley guarantees a memorable experience

Huonville: A Gateway to Adventure

Huonville, the valley’s heart, is a charming town brimming with history and character. Here, you’ll find a range of Huonville accommodation options to suit your style and budget, from comfortable hotels like the Huonville Hotel to the budget-friendly Huonville Caravan Park. The town serves as the perfect base for exploring the valley’s outdoor activities and other treasures. Grab a cider at Willie Smiths or take an exhilarating ride on the Huon Jet.

Huon Valley’s Culinary Delights

The Huon Valley is renowned for its fresh, local produce. Sample some of the region’s famed apples, known for their intense flavour and crisp bite. Seafood lovers are in for a treat, with Huon Valley’s pristine waters yielding some of Tasmania’s finest oysters, salmon, and abalone. Explore the local farmers markets or visit a farm gate stall to stock up on fresh produce and handcrafted treats. Don’t miss out on sampling the region’s ciders and gourmet cheeses – perfect for enjoying with a scenic view.

Into the Wild: Exploring Huon Valley’s Natural Beauty

The Huon Valley boasts a diverse range of landscapes, from towering mountains to serene rainforests.

  • Hike Through History: Explore the convict-built Huon Pine Trail, a scenic walk that winds through towering native Huon pines, some of the world’s oldest trees.
  • Aqueous Adventures: Kayak or canoe down the tranquil Huon River, soaking in the beauty of the surrounding wilderness. Fishing enthusiasts can cast a line and try their luck at catching a trout or salmon.
  • Hidden Gems: Discover the breathtaking beauty of Hastings Caves, marvelling at the intricate limestone formations and crystal-clear underground lakes. Take a walk through the Tahune Airwalk, a series of elevated walkways that weave through the rainforest canopy, offering stunning views of the ancient trees below.

Unveiling the Artistic Spirit

The Huon Valley is a haven for artists and craftspeople. Explore local galleries and studios, where you can find unique souvenirs and artwork inspired by the valley’s natural beauty. Visit the Wooden Boat Centre in Franklin to learn about Tasmania’s rich boat-building heritage.

Wooden Boat Centre - The Huon Valley Southern Tasmania

Huon Valley Festivals

Trying to figure out what to do in Huon Valley? Be sure not to miss the vibrant festivals throughout the year. The Huon Valley Apple Festival, held in February, is a highlight, celebrating the region’s apple harvest with tastings, cooking demonstrations, and live music. The Cygnet Folk Festival in January showcases local and international folk musicians, while the Huon Valley Salmon Festival in April offers a chance to sample some of the region’s finest seafood.

No matter if you’re in search of tranquillity or thrill, the Huon Valley caters to all tastes. Its captivating natural splendour, deep-rooted heritage, and lively cultural scene make it a destination that entices repeated visits.

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