Alice Springs

Alice Springs –  The heart of Australia – year round blue skies, stunning landscapes and a vibrant, diverse community – That’s Alice Springs!

It is the town that everybody associates with “The Outback,” and it is a long way ‘outback’! It is basically smack bang right in the middle of our vast country and1500km from any capital city. It is almost equidistant from both Adelaide in the south and Darwin in the north. Stunning landscapes, remote communities, and a unique pioneering history create a diverse and exhilarating destination to explore. A thriving, spirited outback centre, Alice Springs is as famous for the personality of its locals and contemporary and traditional art as the natural wonders, including the stunning -Larapinta Trail and the MacDonnell Ranges, which surround it.

Alice Springs is home to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, School of the Air and Overland Telegraph Line which all played major roles in the development of the outback and Australia in general.

Simpsons Gap sports a permanent pool and rock wallabies live in the gap’s rocky ridges, which is always exciting for kids to see animals in their natural habitat. Picturesque swimming holes such as Ellery Creek Big Hole Omiston Gorge, Glen Helen Gorge and Redbank Gorge offer a refreshing relief on a scorching day for the whole family to spend cooling off. The Alice Springs Desert Park provides hours of entertainment for the kids with a range of native animals to see and talks about their lives.

Loads of tourists use Alice as a staging post to visit Uluru (Ayers Rock). It is a 4 ½ hour drive.

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