Just 25 minutes from Hobart is one of Tasmania’s most popular destinations – the village of Richmond. A leisurely stroll through Richmond will reveal a Georgian town lost in time. This is a wonderful town to explore to learn about Tasmania’s past, while enjoying visits to galleries, museums, cafes and historical landmarks.

Quaint family tourist attractions – things to do in Richmond

Richmond houses Australia’s oldest bridge still in use. Built in 1823, it is a great photo op with grassy banks for picnicking and a local duck population. Get up close to the intricate detail, or hire a rowboat and run your hands over the sandstone bricks of the arches. Just up the road from the bridge is St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church. Built in 1836, it is considered to be Australia’s oldest, still-functioning, original church in Australia. If you haven’t already picked up on it, Richmond is the prime spot for some memorable historical activities. 

The Old Hobart Town Model Village is a great family activity in Richmond, and a terrific place to learn about the life of early settlers in Hobart. It is located in the heart of Richmond and visitors can walk through a miniature replica of Hobart as it was in the 1820s. Follow the streets and signage to learn the importance of Hobart to Australia’s early colonies. But it’s not all happy – the harsh colonial past of Hobart and Australia is key to this interactive exhibit that’ll keep the whole family entertained. 

Visit the Old Richmond Gaol to get a feel for those days as a penal colony. It is the oldest jail in Australia and gives glaring insight into the difficulty of convict life in the 19th century. It’s open for self-guided tours daily, and as you explore the cells you can learn about the stories of some of the notorious inmates. Keep your ears peeled for special effects that play throughout the jail, as it adds to an atmosphere and experience that’ll be difficult to forget. Nothing brings you closer to what it was like to be an inmate in Australia’s best-preserved colonial jail – kids will love the old-style cells and will learn plenty through some amazing tales of justice and hardship. To entice you further, check out the LetsGoKids voucher to the Gaol – kids enter free with a paying adult!
Located about 6 kms from Richmond and spread over 90 hectares, Zoodoo Zoo is a hands-on safari and native animal park. View one of Tasmania’s largest collections of native, agricultural and exotic animals, including two rare white lions. Hand feed kangaroos and wallabies and meet some of Tasmania’s unique native animals. Don’t forget to explore the large bird aviary and walk through the native park – it all makes for an exciting family activity, only minutes away from Richmond’s centre. The LetsGoKids voucher offers 15 per cent off entry to Zoodoo – perfect for a cheap day out at one of the best family activities in Richmond!

If you want somewhere different to go, then the answer is the unique “Pooseum.” Find out all you ever wanted to know about something everyone has in common!! Not just reliant on toilet humour, this quirky museum is the only of its kind, with 50 information panels and 40 touch screen videos providing entertainment on ‘you know what’. Kids love it! Head on down to the Digestion Room to learn how they work in different types of animals, while PooTube videos and the fart machine always stir up plenty of giggles from all family members, young and old.

If you’re not put off by Pooseum, the boutique Wicked Cheese shop is perfect for some delicious snacks and meals. This boutique cheese maker serves high-quality traditional cheese platters as well as small meals and tasty desserts. Use the LetsGoKids voucher for a buy one get one free deal on any milk shake or ice cream, and enjoy the sweet goodness!There’s also plenty of yum gingerbread and chocolate options around too for a snack! 

Step back in history and explore the beauty of Richmond for a memorable family holiday!

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