The North East

The North East of Tasmania may be a little out of the way, but it contains plenty of fun family activities. From beaches to rainforests, rolling plains and fertile soils, the rich natural environment of the region makes it a rewarding holiday destination. 

There are many towns and villages that make up the North East region of the state, and they all have their own unique quirks that make them worth visiting. 

Family activities to do in Tasmania’s North East

Start at Bridport, which is a popular beachside holiday destination that overlooks the picture-perfect Anderson Bay. We recommend visiting over summer, where amazing sunsets and lovely weather make Bridport the place to be for some family fun. 

The town is surrounded by bushland reserves, white sand and the sloping vines of Pipers Brook wineries, meaning there are many places to explore that’ll take your breath away. When it comes to relaxing, Bridport is a lovely retreat for everyone in the family. 

One of Tasmania’s most fascinating vistas is at Bridestowe’s Lavender Estate. Visit during December and January when flowering occurs to capture the true magic of the area. The 265-acre site is renowned for its manicured fields of lavender, beautiful gardens and sophisticated tourist facilities that encourage memorable day trips. Bridestowe is Australia’s largest lavender farm and a signature of Tasmania’s beautiful landscape. It’s also the largest privately-owned lavender farm in the world, while entry during the peak period of flowering season is only $20 per adult (while under-16s and Tasmanian residents get in for free). Bridestowe also offers a great deal – use the LetsGoKids voucher (in app only) to buy one ice cream and get one free, meaning no one misses out in the family on a tasty treat!

Derby is a small community that families love exploring. The historic settlement is surrounded by mountains, rainforests and old tin mines. Quaint shops that sell antiques, second-hand books and modern crafts sum up the pioneer town feel that fills Derby – it was once a booming mining settlement, and traces of its past is still noticeable when walking through the town centre. The history of the area is captured at the Derby Schoolhouse Museum, where families can love learning about the town’s past. 

More Derby history can be found at the town’s Tin Mine Centre. Follow the Trail of the Tin Dragon at this museum, which uniquely tells the tale of Derby’s involvement with tin mining throughout the ages. When you finally end up at the Centre, which is also known as the Tin Dragon Interpretation Centre (and Café, for you adults), the eye-catching displays and wonderful exhibitions will capture the attention of all family members, and make for a memorable day trip in some of Tasmania’s best historic areas.

Derby isn’t just for history and activities – winding down becomes easy when you pay a visit to the Floating Sauna at Lake Derby. If you’re ready to take the plunge, bring your bathers and get the family out on a stunning body of water that’ll relax the body and provide a perfect retreat. When you’re out on the water floating and winding down, everyone will learn to love Tasmania’s beautiful landscape just a little bit more at one of the North East’s best family activities. 

But Derby isn’t just for the old souls – it also doubles up as a centre for world-class mountain biking, as the forests and mountains framing it make for some exhilarating tracks that all bikers will love flying around on. Some of the best kids entertainment in the North East is at these winding trails. Encourage the kids to bring their bikes and (safely) try their hand at these unique tracks to soak up the beautiful Tasmanian outdoors.

For those who love technology and aircraft, the Scottsdale RSL Military Museum is one of the best things to do in Tasmania’s North East. The museum houses the only Vietnam era Iruquois Helicopter, which is on display as a massive centrepiece in a space that has been recently renovated. 

Head on down to the small towns in Tasmania’s North East for a family holiday like no other!

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