Beaconsfield Mine

Ever wanted to take a trip back in time?  The interpretive, hands-on displays will engage, educate or remind you of how life used to be. While you get lost in the nostalgia, chat with the locals and experience the excitement and realities of the elusive hunt for gold. The Centre captures the essence of life in the Tamar Valley, and takes you on a journey through the Tamar’s colourful and historic past. The Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre is a place where you can lose yourself in history, play with treasures from the past and embark on a historical journey. You’ll be entertained by the interaction and live a different story around every corner with buttons to push, levers to pull, tunnels to crawl through and animals to search for. We like to think that our centre is a collection of experiences that allow you to enjoy and appreciate the history of Beaconsfield and the Tamar Valley. We invite you, your family and friends, to … “come and play with our history”.   Mine Rescue Exhibition The Mine Rescue exhibition tells the incredible story of the rescue of miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb. The exhibition recognises the rescuers and the innovation that took place in the effort to retrieve Todd Russell and Brant Webb from the 950metre level depths of the mine.  Included in the exhibition are stories of how the community united in the crisis, how the town coped with the influx of media, and Beaconsfield’s recovery after such a significant event. A multisensory simulation of the rock fall allows visitors to experience the conditions of the underground tomb where the miners waited for two weeks to be rescued.


4 West Street, Beaconsfield Tasmania 7270

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