Gymnastics NT – How to get involved

Most Gymnastics Clubs in the Northern Territory will be fully operational after June 5, with several clubs re-opening within stage 2 of the ‘Roadmap to the new Normal’. 

Gymnastics Northern Territory would like to reassure parents and carers that our affiliated clubs have all completed their COVID-19 Safety Plans and are following the highest level of hygiene practises within their facilities and have adapted their programs to meet the new distancing requirements.

If you or your child is interested in taking up gymnastics as a sport you can use the electronic voucher on this page, this FREE TRIAL pass can be utilised at any of the Northern Territory affiliated gymnastics clubs, please make sure you mention this pass when booking your trial and print it out to hand to the club admin person.

Now more than ever is the time to get into the gym and support your local club!

10 reasons to choose Gymnastics:

  1.  It’s FUN!
  2. Develops Strength
  3. Develops Flexibility
  4. Develops Co-ordination
  5. Teaches Listening Skills
  6. Increases Self-esteem & Confidence
  7. Provides Social Interaction with Peers
  8. Encourages Goal Setting
  9. Develops Cognitive Abilities which help in the Classroom
  10. Enhances Other Sports and Great for General Fitness


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