Hillwood Berry Farm

Imagine sinking your teeth into a plump, sun-warmed strawberry, its sweetness bursting on your tongue. This delightful experience awaits you at Hillwood Berry Farm, a family-run haven nestled in Tasmania’s scenic Tamar Valley. Hillwood isn’t just a farm; it’s a destination for creating delicious memories amidst rolling hills and fresh country air.

Hillwood Berries Farmgate - Hillwood Food & Drink

A Legacy of Freshness

Hillwood Berries is a second-generation farm, meaning their passion for producing high-quality berries runs deep. They utilise sustainable practices and innovative growing techniques to ensure their berries are not only delicious but also healthy. During the off-season, the dedicated team focuses on meticulous care, ensuring a bountiful harvest come summertime.

Pick Your Own Berry Adventure

Hillwood Berry Farm’s crown jewel is its “pick-your-own” experience. Imagine the joy of strolling through rows of vibrant berry bushes, carefully selecting the ripest strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, or even blueberries (depending on the season). Hillwood provides containers and friendly guidance, making this farm visit perfect for families, couples, or solo adventurers seeking a taste of the Tasmanian countryside.

Hillwood Berries Farmgate

Farmgate Cafe and Shop

After filling your basket with juicy berries, head over to their Farmgate Café. Why not sit back in their café and relax with a cup of coffee, try one of their desserts starring their berries, view families having fun picking fresh berries or watch their working farm in action and appreciate how the beautiful fresh berries are produced.

The Farmgate shop has all of their jams, sauces and wines produced from their very own berries. It also stocks locally produced goods created within the local region. It is a true testament to the tenacity of the hard-working Tasmanian farming family. 

Plan Your Berry Picking Bonanza

Hillwood weather, like most of Tasmania, can vary throughout the year. The berry picking season typically runs from mid-October to May, coinciding with Tasmania’s warmer months. While the sunshine provides the perfect backdrop for fruit picking, be prepared for occasional showers – a light rain jacket is always a good idea.

Exploring the Tamar Valley Beyond Hillwood

Hillwood Berry Farm serves as a perfect base for exploring the Tamar Valley, a region renowned for its natural beauty, gourmet food scene, and rich history. Take a scenic drive and discover wineries, cheesemakers, and cider producers, or visit charming towns like Launceston, just a short 20-minute drive away.

Hillwood Berry Farm isn’t just about berries; it’s about creating memories and connecting with nature. Whether you’re picking berries straight from the bush, savouring delicious treats at the farmgate, or simply enjoying the idyllic atmosphere, Hillwood offers a sweet escape from the everyday.


Hillwood Berries Farmgate, 105 Hillwood Road, Hillwood TAS, Australia

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