Melita Honey Farm

It is a theme business which manufactures and sells a wide range of honey, honey bee products like propolis, royal jelly, pollen and a large selection of lovely gift items and books. We have a showcase of old beekeeping implements as well as an interactive beehive and a live bee exhibition hive.

We enjoy working together and each provide our unique talents to the business. Our greatest joy and blessing is to work with honey and to interact with our customers. This excites us to many more ideas and goals for the future.

Explore a Real Beehive… safely behind glass!
Discover the mysteries of the honeybee!

Watch a Queen Bee lay her eggs in the honeycomb. See the worker bees spin the precious nectar into iquid gold… and maybe even see a baby bee hatch.

Delicious Honey Ice Cream… Yum!
Freshly made here in Chudleigh.

Choose from 12 different flavours – all made fresh Tasmanian milk and cream and pure honey!

Don’t miss our signature Leatherwood honey ice cream. Only available by the scoop here in Chudleigh.



39 Sorell Street, Chudleigh TAS, Australia

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