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Nestled in the quaint town of Chudleigh Tasmania, Melita Honey Farm beckons families to embark on a delightful and educational journey. This family-operated honey haven has been crafting exquisite organic honey for many years, offering a variety of opportunities for families to delve into the captivating universe of bees and relish a wide array of delectable honey delights.

Discover the tastes, flavours and textures of honey at Melita Honey Farm. Families can immerse themselves in the world of bees, understanding their vital role in nature, and witnessing the artistry of honey production. Explore the secrets of the hive with audiovisual and interactive displays.

Discover the mysteries of the honeybee! Explore what really goes on inside a beehive at the store, all from behind the safety of glass of course. Watch the worker bees spin their precious nectar into liquid gold and maybe even see a baby bee hatch.

Sweet Moments for the Whole Family

A visit to Melita Honey Farm promises a delightful honey tasting adventure for the whole family. From sampling a diverse range of honey products to savouring the chewy goodness of honeycomb and honey-based spreads, families are treated to a sensory feast. All the honey delights are crafted on-site and boast a pure organic essence, free from additives or preservatives.

Melita Honey Farm | TasmaniaEach honey variety exudes a distinct flavour palette, reflecting the diverse flora the bees have foraged. There are over 50 different honeys to taste, from single origin honeys, such as Tasmanian Leatherwood, to indulgent gourmet delights like the rich Honey Chocolate Paste and Red Chilli honey. 

Visit the Farm’s Shop

Following the honey-tasting experience, families can explore the farm’s shop, brimming with an assortment of delectable honey products. From jars of artisan honey and beeswax based products, the shop offers a treasure trove of delights. Each product is crafted on-site, making for perfect souvenirs or thoughtful gifts for loved ones.

Melita Honey Farm | Shopping and market | Discover Tasmania

They are home to the original Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey Ice Cream, freshly made in Chudleigh. Choose from 12 different flavours, including the signature Leatherwood honey – all made with fresh Tasmanian milk, cream and pure honey. Also, sample some of the handmade, artisan Tasmanian honey nougat that is made on-site. It is a perfect combination of roasted nuts, fruit, Belgian chocolate, and soft honey nougat.

You can also visit the website and purchase the incredible honey products, skin care and gift items online.

How to Get There

Melita Honey Farm is located at 39 Sorell Street, Chudleigh. They are open Sunday to Friday, from 9am till 5pm (Closed on Saturdays). From the Bass Highway at Deloraine and follow the B12 towards Mole Creek. Approximately 15km from Deloraine you will enter the village of Chudleigh. Travel time will take approximately 45 minutes.


39 Sorell Street, Chudleigh TAS, Australia

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