Platypus House Tasmania: Unique Wildlife Encounters

Nestled on the water in the beautiful Tamar Valley, Platypus House offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch live Tasmanian Platypuses and Echidnas in daylight conditions and undercover.

These animals are unique and fascinating. Watching them feed and play is a must-do activity. Platypus House aims to teach people about these special creatures and their importance.

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Meet the Fascinating Platypus

Platypus House was established to advance public awareness and understanding about the magic of the monotremes. It is an ideal educational visit for school, family and community group visits.

Explore the realm of the Platypus, a creature both beautiful and downright odd. The way it is built is like reptiles and birds, but it is more like mammals. The Tasmanian Platypus, shaped by millennia of isolation, stands as one of Earth’s most distinct beings.

Visit Platypus House to meet the platypuses Big Jupiter, Poppy, Dawn, Freya, and Pumpkin. They will teach you about these special animals and why they are important. Discover the amazing world of platypuses on a fun trip.

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Location and Opening Hours

Platypus House in Beauty Point, Tasmania is just a short drive from Devonport and Launceston. You can see live platypuses and echidnas in a unique indoor setting. Enjoy a great coffee from our takeaway café overlooking the Tamar River or have fun browsing for a gift for someone special.

The Platypus House is open 7 days a week, from 10.00 am to 3:30 pm. They are also open All Easter and School Holidays. Closed on Christmas Day only.

Tamar Valley Things To Do

Tamar Valley things to do

Tasmania’s largest wine region pairs good drinking with fine food and an array of scenic and historic sights. Think about the farming skills in Tamar. Grapevines grow on the hills and by the rivers. You can also spend time with cute animals and visit interesting museums. Be sure to stop by a nearby restaurant after a trip to Platypus House. Whether you’re interested in traditional Australian cuisine or alfresco dining, we would love to point you in the right direction.

Legana, at the southern end of the Tamar Valley, is a 15min drive (12km) north-west of Launceston. Pipers Brook, on the eastern bank, is a 45min drive (50km) north of Launceston.


200 Flinders St, Beauty Point Tasmania 7270

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