Are you up for Tasmania’s crappiest experience? The Pooseum is a unique and quirky science museum dedicated solely to animal droppings. It is currently the only one of its kind in the world. Far from presenting toilet humour, the Pooseum is on a serious mission to educate visitors about the fascinating world of dung. The museum offers more than 50 information panels and 40 videos on touch screens. Visitors can compare the animal droppings of a wide range of animals, both from Australia and around the world. In the Digestion Room, they can learn how the digestive systems of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores differ. Children love the PooTube videos, kids’ corner, farting machine, elephant scales, and other interactive displays. Several unique sculptures by international artists and items made from animal dung complement the exhibition. The museum’s Pootrid Shop offers a wide range of educational books, gifts, and other poo-related products.

Among other things, you will learn
· why not every poo smells nasty
· how dung is used to produce electricity
· why a dog in Queensland tracks koala poo
· how Canadian owls use poo to catch their dinner
· why looking like bird poo is life-saving
· how bats avoid soiling themselves
· why you shouldn’t walk barefoot on a tropical beach
· how vanillin can be produced from cow dung
· why South Africans put antelope droppings in their mouth
· how some insect larvae kill termites with their farts
· why Amazon in India sells cowpats online
· how driverless cars can become disabled by bird poo
· why a table in an English museum is made from poo
· how long it takes an elephant to defecate
· why some beetle larvae have a telescopic anus
· and much, much more 

The Pooseum offers something for every age group, making it an ideal place for a family visit.


22 Bridge Street, Richmond TAS 7025, Australia

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