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All around the world, crowds gather to admire and see the seahorses in their famous aquariums. But you can get much closer to these mysterious creatures at a completely unique facility at Beauty Point, in Tasmania’s beautiful Tamar Valley, just 45 minutes from Launceston or Devonport. Visitors to Seahorse World can see where our seahorses come from.

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Story of Seahorse World

Seahorse World is dedicated to seahorse breeding, education and conservation. It is estimated that over 20 million seahorses are taken from the wild each year predominantly for traditional Chinese medicine.

Seahorse Australia was initially created to farm seahorses to supply to the Traditional Chinese Medicine market and as a result reduce pressure on seahorses from being over fished. However the cost of producing enough seahorses at market price was too high to attract buyers who found cheaper options from unregulated (and currently not illegal) wild harvesting.

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This meant we had to change our focus from medicinal production to breeding seahorses for the marine ornamental market via pet wholesalers and public aquariums around the world.

They are the only Australian CITES (Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species) approved seahorse farm with a licence to practise captive breeding of seahorses and also export live seahorses around the world. 

Educational Fun for the Family

Seahorse World Tasmania is focused in providing visitors with a personalised, friendly and informative experience. The Seahorse World experience includes:

  • The Cave of the Seahorse – an exhibit of various types of Seahorses.
  • A high-tech working seahorse farm, demonstrating from birth to adulthood thousands of pot-bellied seahorses.
  • The Southern Ocean Aquarium features various bizarre marine species of the wild southern seas including weedy seadragons, sharks, giant cuttlefish, a Tasmanian Giant Crab and a touch pool for the kids.

Guided Tours

Your 45-minute tour is guided by one of our expert tour guides. We commence our tour in The Cave which is home to a selection of seahorses and seadragons. Here you will learn a bit about seahorses and their mysterious behaviour.

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Then move into The Farm which is where you get an exclusive “behind the scenes” look at the world’s first working seahorse farm. This is where you can feed the fish and you can see seahorses in all stages of life from tiny fingernail size babies to larger adults going about their day.

And the final room is The Southern Ocean Aquarium where you can have a showcase of some of the bizarre and mystical creatures found in Tasmanian waters. In this room, you’ll also have the opportunity to get hands on and touch some of the creatures from the deep as well as hold a seahorse in the palm of your hand. So, get your cameras ready!

Guided tours commence at 9.30am daily during December to April with the last tour at 4.15 pm. They depart at either 45 minute or half hourly intervals depending on demand.

During May to November routine tours depart at 10 am, 11 am 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm and 3 pm or if you book ahead we will also arrange a 4 pm tour.

Seahorse World Beauty Point

Opening Hours 

Seahorse World is not your everyday aquarium experience. Come and join a guided tour and get the most out of the experience by hearing it from an expert guide. Tours depart regularly every day except Christmas Day. Buy your tickets online to guarantee your spot on your preferred day and time

Group rates available on request. Minimum group size is 10. We cater for schools, coach tours, and special interest needs.

Kids Discovery Program

During Tasmanian school holidays, Seahorse World operates a fantastic daily Kids Discovery Program – an hour long program specifically for kids.


200 Flinders St, Beauty Point Tasmania 7270

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