Tasmania Zoo

Open daily from 8:30am – 5pm Tasmania Zoo is the largest and fully-accredited Zoo wildlife park in Tasmania. The Zoo is a great place to take the whole family to see hundreds of different wildlife species. There are over 80 species of birds, wombats, echidna’s, kangaroos, quolls, reptiles, monkeys and more. Set amongst extensive natural bushland, the zoo has Tasmania’s biggest collection of animals including the world’s largest private devil breeding program. You will come face to face with the world-famous Tasmanian Devils who assist research into the devil facial tumour disease. Witness these fascinating creatures live, at the devil feedings and interpretation times. Watch wild animals feeding in their natural habitat at daily sessions. Feeding times are 10.30am, 1.00pm and 3.30pm. You can pet a baby devil and get your photo taken. You will also see over 80 species of birds, from fairy penguins, swift parrots and macaws to wedged tailed eagles. You can enjoy hand feeding the native Australian animals like wallaby’s, wombats, kangaroos and the domestic animals like sheep, cattle, goats, alpacas and miniature ponies. This is an excellent family destination, with a variety of activities including barbecues, picnic facilities, children’s play area with swings, and an onsite shop. Tasmania Zoo is the only fully accredited zoo in Tasmania, exhibiting the largest collection of native and exotic animals throughout the region. These species include a number of endemic Tasmanian animals, as well as native and exotic species recognised as critically endangered. Tasmania Zoo offers the second largest collection of primates in any private zoo in Australia and we are the only zoo in Australia to exhibit the endangered Black Crested Macaque. Tasmania Zoo believes in creating a balance between wildlife conservation, education and entertainment in a natural environment that gives all visitors an up-close and hands-on wildlife experience for a greater understanding of why conservation is so important for our future.


1166 Ecclestone Rd, Riverside Tasmania 7250

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