How to change your pet’s diet the right way

How to change your pet’s diet the right way

Everyday pet health is always on top of our list as a fur parent, looking to prevent long-term health problems that's not limited to obesity, dental issues, allergies and even diabetes.

As a puppy, ideally, dogs should be fed a raw diet, which is also ideal to older dogs. If this is not yet your pet's diet, do not fret! Generally, the transition to a raw diet is relatively pain-free. There might be a low chance that your pet experiences an adverse reaction when switching from processed to raw feeding.

Your pets are just like your kids, they become accustomed so the initial reaction to this transition from 'junk' food to a natural balanced diet is resistance. 

First, start to wean them off from their typical processed diet by mixing their diet with a small amount of raw meat and daily increase the amount until you're feeding 100 % raw, roughly, this process should take about a week to possibly 2 weeks.

To make sure that this process works, make sure your pet is hungry! Every meal time set a specific time each day so they do not become selective. Are your furbabies fussy? Try putting down the food and time them, if they do not eat it at the given time. Take it away and offer the food again in 12 to 24 hours, this will teach them that if they do not eat, they will have to wait, and repeat this process until they start to eat what you serve.

To encourage them with the new diet, serve it room temperature or warmer. Bet you, you don't like your food cold, same goes with our pets, it will be a turn-off if you serve cold food straight from the fridge.

This transition is highly possible for either a puppy or an older pet. With just the right amount of perseverance and discipline, they will grow to love their new balanced diet of fresh meat, that has a wide array of health benefits that would surely benefit them in the long run.

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