How to make a Sydney Opera House collage

How to make a Sydney Opera House collage

Keep your kids busy with fun craft activities by making this spectacular Sydney Opera House collage for Australia Day. Don't forget to add the sparkly fireworks!

What you need 1 sheet of A3 paper
blue paint
3 plain white paper plates
blue cellophane
star stickers


Paint the piece of paper with blue paint. Set it aside to dry.

Cut five crescent shapes out of the three paper plates (see video).

Arrange the crescents to resemble the Opera House.

Lay down the outer shells first then work your way to the middle.

Place a ruler along the line where the water level would be. Rule a line across all the points/crescents.

Cut each shape along the ruled line.

Use glue to stick them in place.

Cut wavy pieces of cellophane and stick them on to represent the water.

Stick the stars on.

Optional extra:

If you are feeling brave, add some glitter fireworks to the sky by drawing on explosions in clear glue then sprinkling over the glitter. Blow to get rid of the excess glitter and you should end up with some fireworks explosions. Kidspot

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