Sustainability Ideas For Children – Teach Children To Care For Our Environment

Sustainability Ideas For Children – Teach Children To Care For Our Environment

As a kid, there’s not much better than getting outdoors for fun activities. Enjoying the sun and roaming in the great wide open never gets old, but it has other benefits. It can be hard teaching sustainability for kids and great ideas for sustainable activities, but the lesson of treating the environment right is very important. If you want to get your children into sustainable behaviours, here are some great outdoor activities for kids that can also teach them to care for our environment.  

Sustainability Ideas For Kids -Teach Child To Care For The Environment


Read Books With Environmental Themes

It may sound like a simple start, but there’s nothing that combines learning with an appreciation for the outdoors quite like a picture book. It’s not just a great way to spend time with your kid and share their journey through life – it’s also a fun way of teaching sustainability to children. Some of the best children books that encourage sustainability activities and ideas in kids are Where the Wild Things Are and Charlotte’s Web, while others like The Very Hungry Caterpillar are also ideal when it comes to learning about animals and the natural environment. Check out some more great titles on the ABC Kids website. environmental themes book sustainability ideas for kids There’s plenty of Australian authors producing gorgeous illustrated picture books that also teach valuable lessons on respecting the planet. Head on down to a local bookstore with your child to see what sticks out to them – in no time you’ll have your own unique collection of storybooks that can bring joy to their face while also introducing them to the idea of sustainability and sustainability activities.

Discuss Sustainability At Home

It sounds easy, and it can be once you get the ball rolling. Although you may be stumped when initially trying to breach sustainability activities and the concept of sustainability to your child, beginning conversations about sustainability and the environment can be so rewarding. Start by seeing what they love about the environment (which plants and animals specifically), and then narrow into what they can do to benefit the world around them. Once their minds are thinking about what they can do to benefit their world, you’ll be surprised by how creative they can get. It can be as simple as using both sides of a piece of paper when drawing away, or it can turn into conversations on the importance of trees and plants. Wherever it goes, you’ll be sure to brainstorm some ripper sustainability ideas with your kid.

Spend Time In Nature/ Outside

There’s no better way to begin teaching your child about sustainability than to get them away from the screens for some fun outdoor activities. Head out to your local parks and soak up the many different unique parts of the world around you. Kids will love running around freely in the sun, but they may also come home with new knowledge if they admire the wildlife around them. Spend time with nature for sustainability Check out the many wildlife areas near your home, and be sure to show them a wide range of areas, as so much fun can be had by exploring new worlds.

Start A Veggie Garden And/ Or Communal Pantry

Gardening with Kids When it comes to outdoor sustainability activities for kids, they’ll absolutely adore getting their hands dirty and planting a veggie garden. Whether it’s in your backyard or in pots around the house, go buy some seeds and grow a wide range of products that’ll make for some yummy dinners. While you’re at it, show your child how to organise a communal pantry so that there’s no food waste, as it’s just another simple life lesson that can teach sustainability at an early age.

Begin Environmental Practices At Home – Actively Recycle

There are many ways to teach sustainability ideas to kids in and around the home, but there’s not much better than actively recycling. Sorting through rubbish to show them what’s recyclable and what’s landfill is another fun afternoon for kids to get their hands dirty, but it can also show them how to respect the environment for life. If you’re based in Melbourne, pay a trip to CERES in Brunswick East to learn more about the importance of recycling. They’ll come home worn out from a day full of fun, but they’ll also remember some key lessons when it comes to disposing of rubbish correctly.

Lay Down Rules – Turn Off Lights When Leaving The Room

While you’re discussing sustainability ideas with your kids, it can be easy to teach them the fundamentals of energy conservation. Have little rewards (like a treat) for when they turn off lights when leaving rooms, or get them out and about instead of using the air conditioner when a bit warm. It all sounds like small steps, but it can be made fun while also teaching them valuable sustainability lessons. Turn Out Light

Water Conservation

Hot Aussie summers often mean plenty of water, whether it be through hoses in the yard or in pools while they splash away. While the kids are out and about cooling down, teaching them the fundamentals of water conservation can be turned into fun outdoor activities. Get them watering the plants while copping little splashes themselves to show just how important yet thrilling safe water usage can be. save water

Go Bird Watching While On A Park Day-Trip

With so many entertaining adventure playgrounds around nowadays, day trips to parks can easily turn into memorable days out. After scaling and sliding, bring your child along for a walk through the gardens, where they can spot eye-catching birds species and come home knowing more about the natural environment. From local parks to botanical gardens, each space will offer something different, meaning you’ll never get bored of discovering new spots with your kid.

Come Up With Great Left-Over Meals

If your child is a picky eater, this sustainable activity can be an awesome way of doubling education with satisfaction. When you come across a tasty meal that your kid can’t get enough of, use any leftovers to rustle up lunch the next day. You already know they’ll love it, and it’s another terrific lesson on sustainability for kids. For inspiration, check out this guide on the many ways you can re-use any left-over chicken mince you may have. From rissoles to chicken pot pie, you’ll be sure to stumble upon a family favourite that prevents any food wastage. Get cracking on these great ideas to teach sustainability in kids. The key is to have fun whilst doing it so that they’ll learn to love their planet while enjoying the entertaining sustainability activities!

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