Top 10 Tips for Easy Homemade Dog Food and Treats

To provide enrichment and the important variety a dog needs in its diet, try these cost effective ideas and tips – which can be made with commonly found items in your kitchen.
  1. Raw meat
You can offer your woofer some types of natural human foods including fresh raw meat. Make sure it’s human-grade meat that doesn’t contain preservatives. Avoid sausages and sausage meat or cooked manufactured meats that may contain sulphites. Any uncooked bone wider than the width of your three middle fingers will make a hazard-free treat. Marrow bones are especially appealing for dogs.
  1. Keen for beans!
For a great source of vitamin C and K, give your pup peas or green beans as a fresh and tasty treat.
  1. Sweet potato and ‘pupkin’
Sweet potato or pumpkin can help improve digestion and give your dog a sweet treat. These foods also provide a dose of beta carotene.
  1. Peanut butter snacks
It might be hard for you to part ways with your stash, but peanut butter is a great snack for dogs with added protein, vitamin B and heart healthy fats. (Just make sure you choose a brand that doesn’t include xytlitol, as this can be dangerous for dogs.) Peanut butter is a great food to use for enrichment games including smoothing it inside a Kong or on other rubber dog toys.
  1. Not-quite-minty fresh
If your pup is killing the mood with bad breath, parsley can help to give you both a much-needed breath of fresh air.
  1. Goldi’s fav, porridge
If you love to eat at the same time as your furry friend, double up that portion of porridge in the morning! A fibre-rich snack for both you and the pup is always a great choice, though be sure to avoid any added sugars or syrups.
  1. Homemade pupsicles
On those hot summer days when you’re snacking on an ice block, pull out one you made earlier for your pup and chomp happily together. Blended frozen berries are especially good, full of antioxidants and fibres for your dog. Don’t forget to leave the stick out of the ice block to avoid choking hazards and check to make sure no syrups or sugar has coated the berries.
  1. Even simpler pupsicles – ice!
If you don’t have to time to make your own puppy-poles then simply crack out the good old humble ice cube to give your dog a fun new game. Watch on whilst your confused canine tries to consume frozen water as it disappears before his very eyes.
  1. Go bananas!
When you’re craving your morning caffeine fix, give your dog the natural alternative in the form of a banana (and maybe swap out your brew for a natural hit, too?). Bananas are sure to provide your dog with the energy needed to take on the day, plus they’re a great source of potassium, fibre and promote heart health. (If you have an active doggo already maybe ignore this tip!)
  1. Popcorn for two, please!
Next time you’re having a cosy night in on the couch with your favourite flicks, make an extra batch of popcorn for your furry friend! Make sure it’s homemade, to avoid added sugar, butter and salt.