What to Consider Before Getting A New Fur family Member

What to Consider Before Getting A New Fur family Member

When you decide to have a new family member you have to choose wisely. Different breeds, different attitudes, but there will always be that one perfect furbaby for family. Regardless of the size, your new family member should have suitable behavior for a family with children.

When you’re ready for introductions, make sure that your children are supervised, have our child sit calmly and let the furbaby come to him. 

A treat wouldn’t hurt as this would associate something good if in the presence of the child.

Have some fur-ules in the house. And discuss with your children thoroughly to avoid incidents. 

Rules like, allowing pets to have their own space and to never force interactions. 

Eventually, the new member will feel safe and relaxed in his new home and would just fit right in as if he has lived there all his life!  

Always handle pets gently and no rough playing (well, in the beginning) . In time, your children will get even better at reading your pet’s body language. 

You have to create a peaceful home for your pets, just like kids, they pick up on everything. 

A good pet means a good owner. 

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