Best Places to Visit in December

Best Places to Visit in December

Australia is the perfect playground families, and December presents Australians with so many travel opportunities. It's the most wonderful time of the year to travel with kids

With its natural beauty and laidback lifestyle, we have some travel tips to help you choose the best destinations to escape and relax during this season. 

  Australia is home to more than 500 national parks, over 10,000 beaches and 8,000 plus islands, definitely a wide array or unique and different getaway options for the whole family. Surprisingly, December in Australia, is the first month of the summer season, making it a warm and comfortable  experience when traveling with family in different city destinations

  A very easy reach from Perth, Rottnest Island, brings in the sense of seclusion and provides laidback accommodation loved by Australian families. Choose from over 60 untouched beaches and bays and experience it as you leap on a ferry or hop on a cycle as you leisurely enjoy the island. Check out the Rottness Express' Quokka Club

  For some traveling with the family, how about Australia's kid-friendly capital, Canberra. The National Arboretum Canberra, is home to the iconic Margaret Whitlam Pavilion, offers a POD playground and offers heaps of kid friendly activities. Another one for the whole family, enjoy a miniature cricket ground at the Cockingtgon Green Gardens, one for budding sports players and fairy-tale castles for our little Princesses in training. 

  For a weekend holiday, Tasmania's compact size makes it an outstanding weekend holiday option, indeed a very beautiful time to visit, see Launceston and explore world-class wilderness, take a hiking in it's marvelous trails of Australia's oldest City. Or take off in a campervan to and drive, delve into the wilds and bask in the culture  of the capital in Hobart 

  To satisfy our little artsy kids creative needs, plan a Melbourne family getaway and immerse the whole family to different art exhibitions and open air wildlife parks that the city has to offer, the National Gallery of VictoriaMelbourne Museum and ArtVO to name a few. Go back in time and visit the historic Melbourn Goal and learn about the site's haunting story. If it's adorable animals that you're affer, how about Kangaroo hand-feeding at the Ballarat Wildlife Park, or just plain old family fun where you can wizz down a roller coaster ride at Luna Park. Melbourne surely has activities for everyone!

  Be sure to read about travel safety tips or go to the nearest visitor information centre of the area so you can prepare ahead as these destinations have something special for everyone. 

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