Cockatoo pencil tins

Cockatoo pencil tins

• An empty tin can washed and dried with the label removed
• A white piece of felt cut to the right size to wrap around the tin with a bit of overlap, plus a small scrap of yellow felt to stick on for the crest, cut to shape like in the picture above
• Double sided tape
• Tacky craft glue
• Black beads for eyes, or use googly eyes if you prefer
• Needle and thread (if you are going with beads)
• Cardboard beak and feet to stick on in grey, I’ve cut mine out from the top lid of an egg carton

How to
First sew the beads on to the front centre of the felt approximately a third of the way down from the top. In the picture above showing the materials the beads are already sewn on.

Use double sided tape like I’ve done here all across the back of the felt to stick it on to the can. I found sticking it on with glue didn’t work for me, it was hard to stick down due to the curve of the can and also once dry the glue discoloured a bit, leaving a rust coloured stain that you could see through the white felt. Double sided tape is an instant stick, no mess, no fuss and works great with the felt.

Stick the bits and pieces on with tacky craft glue to complete your cockatoo pencil tin. The feet need to be stuck on last leaving the tin upside sown with the crest hanging over the edge of a table or bench so the feet can dry.


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