Devils@Cradle – Day or Night Observation

Devils@Cradle – Day or Night Observation

Devils@Cradle is a unique alpine conservation sanctuary that houses Tasmania’s three largest, unique and threatened, carnivorous marsupials; the Tasmanian devil, the Spotted-tail and Eastern quoll.

A visit to this sanctuary DAY or NIGHT will provide you with an opportunity to observe these extraordinary animals up close, whilst one of our Keepers will give you an understanding of the dedicated conservation work we do to support these species.

Open daily from 9.30am, we have tour options available at various times throughout the day and of an evening, ensuring that there is something for everyone and visitors are able to pick their experience. Our Day Keeper Tours commence at 10.30am and 3pm, we have a Day Feeding at 1pm and a After Dark Feeding at 5.30pm. Our joey encounters commence at 12pm and 4pm daily.

Ask our friendly staff about adopting one of our residents and support the ongoing conservation work being undertaken within the sanctuary. You can also check out our resident animals’ adoption profiles at:


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