Fire Engine Fun for your child’s party

Fire Engine Fun for your child’s party

Fire Engine Fun began attending Children’s Parties over 20 years ago. Since then we have attended literally thousands of Parties, Family Events, Fetes, Community Gatherings and even done Charters.

Our Fire Engine is a genuine retired appliance that fought Fires during the 1960’s. It has been modified to carry extra passengers and is licensed as a Charter Vehicle. It is a beautiful J2 series Bedford ex Fire Engine with the charm and shape of vehicles from the 1960’s era.

The main thing we do are Children’s Party visits and Kindy incursions. The routine during a Party visit takes about an hour and includes Fire Engine rides around the local streets, a Firehose activity where the Children get to have turn using the Firehose which is great for photos, and the Birthday Child recieves a photo certificate in uniform. We travel slowly and carefully and it is so much fun seeing the Children waving at people as we pass by. We supply a little Firefighter Jacket for the special photo for those that don’t have their own dress up, so you don’t need to buy one. We use water from the Fire Engine Water Tank, so we can function anywhere. Our biggest demographic are 3-5 years olds, but big kids love the Fire Engine too, (and so will the adults).

Visit the website, or take a look at the Fire Engine Fun Facebook page for photos and testimonials.

Give Kevin a call if you have questions or booking enquiries PH 0413 569 698.

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